• Brent & Jaron Brent & Jaron
  • President Ron Crane and CEO Cheryl Crane President Ron Crane and CEO Cheryl Crane
  • Ron, Cheryl, Jaron and Brent Crane

The Crane Alarm Team

The Crane Alarm Team

Office Team

The Crane Alarm Office Team
  • Cheryl and Ron Crane
    CEO and President

  • Laura Tyson
    Billing Manager

  • Michelle Cooper
    Security Division Scheduler

  • Hannah Tiber
    Customer Experience Coordinator

  • Anna Holtam
    Office Intern

  • Savannah
    Office Operations

Security Team

  • Jaron Crane
    Vice President - Security Division

  • Luke Carleton
    Installation Project Manager

  • Luke Salcido
    Lead Installation Technician

  • Caleb Ackley
    Lead Service Technician

  • Conor Yates
    Apprentice Technician

Fire Team

  • Brent Crane
    Vice President - Fire Division

  • Peter Naumov
    Lead Service Technician

  • Eric Nelson
    Lead Installation Technician

  • Vanyon Berman
    Lead Life Safety Compliance Inspector

  • James Callahan

In 2019 Crane Alarm Service was approached by Fire Safety of Idaho, a 23-year-old Fire Extinguisher and Hood Suppression Company, with a request to be bought out. Their Owner, Joe Bongiovi, wanted to know that his customers would receive the same level or greater Customer Service than he had been providing to them for the past two decades- a guarantee that only Crane Alarm could make. This was a special acquisition for both Companies. Crane Alarm has been asked to provide this service to their customers for many years now and to be able to provide that Service in house, only continues to solidify Crane Alarm’s desire to provide the best in Customer Service.